Active loading of London’s foreign policy has coincided with the deepening crisis in British-Russian relations. Official speakers from both countries acknowledge that relations between London and Moscow are in a state of freeze. Russia and the UK, in addition to the war in Ukraine, are moving towards confrontation at all geopolitical points on the planet. London has established active military-political cooperation with Australia and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region, balancing India's international position and limiting Russian influence in Africa. More and more prominent military-political figures in the UK are calling for raising the level of the armed forces so that the British army can independently defeat Russia on the battlefield.

The "Brexit Policy" has provided strategic advantages for London on the European continent. The lack of dependence on Russian energy resources frees British politicians' hands in the security sphere. In May 2022, the UK officially guaranteed the security of Sweden and Finland and made efforts to have both countries accepted into NATO by 2023. Official London is also constantly pressing Brussels on military aid to Ukraine, support for Ukrainian refugees, and strengthening sanctions against Russia.

In addition to nuclear blackmail, the Putin administration does not hide its goal of provoking conflicts between London and the governments of other countries, including Beijing, Delhi, Pretoria, and others. The UK remains the closest ally of Ukraine and completely disregards any Kremlin threats. Meanwhile, it became evident that instead of weakening Britain's international position, Russia has strengthened British influence in the world. This is primarily due to the UK and US's solidary geopolitical line and the failure of Russian international propaganda about the "anti-colonial struggle against neo-imperialism." The failure of Russian military aggression against Ukraine has no less importance for London.

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