The Institute for Conflict Studies and Analysis of Russia is an independent, non-profit analytical center that investigates the main trends and processes in Russian society

Our product

Our product is a comprehensive research, multidimensional trend analysis and forecasting of events.

Our goal

Our goal is a comprehensive study of Russian society. That allows us to forecast its medium and long-term processes of evolvement.

Our tools

We use rigorous scientific methods and verified sources of data.

Our team

Oleksandr Shulga

Doctor of Sociological Sciences. He has 16 years of advanced experience in the field of quantitative and qualitative sociological research. During these years, he was engaged as a supervisor, consulta...

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Ruslan Stadnichenko

PhD (political sciences). Over 12 years of scientific and analytical activity in the field of international relations, geopolitics and foreign policy strategies, development of regional development st...

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Armenak Ohanesian

Armenak has twelve years of an extencive experience in litigation, participating, coordinating and managing complex national and international projects involving both the private and public sectors.

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