France is showing weakness in its relations with Russia

The application of French soft power logic toward the Russian Federation has been ineffective. The fluctuation of the foreign affairs policy line between supplying Ukraine with weapons and statements about the unwillingness to destroy Russia and providing any possible security guarantees for the aggressor, reveals vulnerable points of Emmanuel Macron's geopolitical course. Such ambivalence has already resulted in a full-scale domestic crisis. As pro-Russian forces in France feel the oscillation of the government's actions, waves of public protests are provoked against unpopular social decisions. As a Russian agent in French politics, Marine Le Pen speaks out more actively. As destructive is the position of two left-radical parties. Macron's "dithering" foreign policy leads to losses in all directions.

Thanks to their two positions, France's former African allies are turning away from Paris. It gradually becomes apparent, that Macron's administration's economic and informational policies are failing on the African continent. On the one hand, the French President has made tectonic shifts concerning former colonies: in 2019, the West African Franc zone was abolished, as well as the common currency of eight West African countries; military presence decreased, artworks were returned to Benin and Côte d'Ivoire, etc. On the other hand – Macron underestimated the destructive influence of Wagner PMC, which sharply manifested itself in Mali and Burkina Faso. Russians and Chinese are driving France out of Africa.

Negotiations with Moscow are taking place against the backdrop of uncompromising rhetoric. From one side, French diplomats and politicians declare their irreconcilable position regarding Russian aggression. On the other side, France is blocking sanctions concerning "Rosatom". It should be noted, though, that Ukraine is actively cooperating with its French colleagues. The most serious feature of Paris's policy towards Ukraine and Russia remains the support of Ukraine by the French nation.


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