Top 5 topics in Russian media for the week (May, 2023)

The Russian information space in May, same as in previous periods, was dominated by topics related to Russia's large-scale war against Ukraine.

Russian media maintains the Kremlin's line and calls the hostilities a "special military operation". This definition continues to lead the list of topics.

In the second place there are the "sanctions", as the Western world's reaction to Russia's military invasion of Ukraine.

The use of the word "war" is gradually expanding in the information field. This primarily concerns less censored Telegram channels and social networks.

Despite the absence of mobilization measures, "mobilization" continues to be actively discussed in the media. During the reporting period, this was related to a series of regulatory innovations dedicated to digitizing the registration and notification of conscripts.

The topic of "economic development" was only ranked fifth. However, even this ordinary position is largely due to propaganda efforts painting a picture of the successful overcoming of external enemies' plots for the audience

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