Top 5 terms in the Russian media for the week (May, 2023)

State propaganda deliberately shapes the Russian audience's perception of the "special military operation" as a geopolitical conflict between Russia and the Western world. In this regard, it is logical that the NATO military-political bloc gets the first place in ranking of most mentioned terms.

In this confrontation, Russian troops allegedly demonstrate wonders of efficiency and heroism. Therefore, the offensive topic was the events' dominant characteristic.

The critical front area covered by the Russian media was the Bakhmut direction. This accounts for the third place of the "Wagner" Private Military Company.

The emphasis on the storming of Bakhmut explains why the “Russian army” term took the fourth place. Events in the areas of the front entrusted to them were covered much less.

Resonant raids by the Russian Volunteer Corps and the "Freedom of Russia" Legion led to an increase in messages related to defence.

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