Top 5 topics in Russian media for the week (November 28 - December 4, 2022)

The special military operation remains the meta-theme of the entire domestic Russian discourse. All the other most mentioned events are connected with it in one way or another and are mentioned dozens of times less frequently. As the theme of mobilization, which ranks second in terms of frequency and is closely related to the NWO.

The topic of oil prices is one of the most discussed topics of the past week. More specifically, the topic of setting a ceiling on prices for Russian oil by Western countries and the negative reaction of official Moscow to this decision. The great attention to this event is also confirmed by the fact that one of the most mentioned terms over the past seven days was the term “anti-Russian sanctions”.

The top 5 topics of the Russian media for the week include the blackout in Ukraine, including attacks on the country's energy infrastructure and rising prices. At the same time, the topic of “economic development” was mentioned in the Russian media almost ten times less than the week before last.

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