Top 5 terms in the Russian media for the week (November 28 - December 4, 2022)

"NATO" was the most mentioned term in the Russian media last week. As before, it sounded at least three times more often than other terms in the media and is second only to "special military operation" in terms of frequency of use, if we also consider this designation as a term and not a topic of the week.

Behind it by a large margin in terms of mentions are the "negotiations", which have been talked about steadily more often in the Russian mass media in recent weeks, with an emphasis on the fact that they are needed primarily by Ukraine.

In the conventional third place is the private military company "Wagner", which over the past seven days dominated in terms of mentions of the regular Russian army - the latter was mentioned six times less often. This term is associated with another term that entered the top 5 last week - "offensive". It was in the context of offensive actions and their decisive importance that the PMC "Wagner" was mostly mentioned.

"Anti-Russian sanctions" also made it to the top five terms of the week that sounded most often. This is primarily related to the decision announced on December 5 of this year by the G7 countries and others to set a price ceiling for Russian oil, and this term was mentioned most often in this context.

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