Top 5 terms in the Russian media for the week (December 5 - 11, 2022)

"NATO" remains the most mentioned term in mass media. It was mentioned at least one and a half times more often than other terms. As before, it is second only to "special military operation" in terms of frequency of use, if the designation is also considered as a term and not a topic of the week.

In second place is PMC "Wagner", which was mentioned twice as often as in the previous week. This confirms the general trend of increasing media coverage of this PMC in recent weeks. In addition, "Wagner" has significantly supplanted mentions of regular Russian troops in mass media, essentially taking most of the credit for any recent military successes.

The third place in the frequency of mentions of the term "fire". It is related to the powerful fire in Khimki, which was actively covered by the Russian mass media and is rather situational.

"Anti-Russian sanctions" are again among the top five most used terms of the week. The frequent mention in the news continues the trend of recent weeks. The term is directly related to the top topic of the past weeks - the establishment of a price ceiling for Russian oil by the G7 countries and indicates the great importance of this step for the Russian Federation.

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