Top 5 terms in the Russian media for the week (November 21-27, 2022)

The term "NATO" sounded much more often than other terms in the Russian media during the past week. By this criteria,it is inferior only to the abbreviation "SVO", considering the latter to be a term.

NATO was mentioned in the last seven days almost twice as much as the organization that is declared as its counterpart - the CSTO. The North Atlantic Alliance is clearly mentioned more often, despite the fact that the CSTO summit was held last week and it had informative reasons to be mentioned more often in the Russian press.

The armed forces of Russia and PMC "Wagner" were mentioned in the Russian mass media almost the same number of times. The fact that the Russian army and a private military company are mentioned on a parity basis is entirely correlated with the greater media activity of its owner on the one hand, and the comparatively clearly lower representation of the military leadership of the Russian armed forces in news and reports.

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