Hybrid Roundtable "Modern War and Law: Ukrainian Experience", Queen Mary University of London, October 16th, 2023

On October 16th 2023 IKAR’s Department of Legal Studies has conducted second hybrid roundtable "Modern Warfare and Law: Ukrainian Experience.", kindly hosted Queen Mary University in London.

Leading lawyers, analysts, businessmen, IT specialists and human rights advocates from around the world have joined the discussion. In particular, amongst the attendees:
  • Representatives from legal and human rights organizations and companies in the United Kingdom (Clyde&Co, Omni Bridgeway, Accountability Unit, International Economic Law at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL);
  • British academic institutions (King's College of London, Oxford University);
  • Lyon University (Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France);
  • Analytical centres: Chatham House, Egmont Institute, Institute for the Study of War;
  • SOC Prime - cybersecurity company operating the world-first platform for collective cyber defense.

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Experts analysed the mechanisms of accountability for war crimes and discussed the challenges of evidence gathering and reparations. Participants also explored ways to support the work of the International Claim Commission and considered the possibilities for establishing a special international tribunal regarding the crime of aggression committed against Ukraine. The attendees were delivered by a profound report on cybersecurity issues, which contributed to the understanding of the challenges faced by the legal community during wartime.

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"This conference provided a unique opportunity for sharing experiences and knowledge in the field of comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects of modern warfare based on Ukrainian experience," - Armenak Oganesian, Head of Legal Studies at IKAR.

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The conference has played an outstanding role in strengthening international support for Ukraine, in countering Russian aggression and upholding international law. Its outcomes will contribute to the further development of cooperation between Ukraine and its international partners in human rights protection and international humanitarian law.

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