Russian propaganda manipulates over the tragedy in Katyn

Simultaneous events took place in Russia and Belarus, supposedly dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the tragedy in Katyn. Lukashenko visited a memorial complex in Katyn under the gaze of television cameras and declared that the Belarusian government would do everything to preserve the memory of the "feat of the Soviet people".

The Russian State Duma adopted a statement on the genocide of the USSR people, caused by Germany and its accomplices during World War II. In its adopted statement, the State Duma emphasized the importance of legal assessment of crimes committed by Nazis against humanity.

These so-called initiatives were held against the backdrop of unsubstantiated accusations against the "Ukrainian" (although it was formed in Kyiv from Soviet troops) 118th police battalion. The composition of the group of perpetrators responsible for the destruction of the settlement is still controversial in historical research. Most researchers lean towards the version that the 118th police battalion took part in battles against partisans. A Special SS Battalion carried out punitive actions under Oscar Paul Dirlewanger. But Russian propaganda needs to bring to light the ‘Nazi essence’ of Ukrainians to justify the armed aggression against a sovereign country.

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