ICARUS and leading British scientists will participate in the Roundtable discussion "TRIBUNAL FOR THE RUSSIAN CRIME OF AGGRESSION"

How to hold the leadership of the Russian Federation for criminal responsibility, obtain compensation for the caused damage, and why criminal thinking is the basis of Russian self-awareness?

ICAR researchers, leading scientists and practitioners from Great Britain will discuss these and other important topics via international criminal law and arbitration.

The participants of the roundtable include:

Loukas Mistelis - professor of transnational commercial law and arbitration, lawyer (Athens Bar), author of numerous articles and scientific works, including on the recovery of damages after military conflicts; has significant practical experience as a lawyer and arbitrator;

Guglielmo Verdirame - professor of international law at King's College London in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of War Studies.

Professor Chiara Giorgetti - Richmond School of Law (Richmond Law School).

During the roundtable, it is planned to develop mechanisms for holding those responsible for aggression against Ukraine accountable and to develop tools for the actual compensation for the damage caused by Russian aggression.

Date: April 11-14.

Venue: London. Queen's Mary University of London

Organizer: ICARUS

Round table partner: MK Legal Service.

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